ATA Arizona Presents:
Southwest Camp at Chauncey Ranch  2022

                                    * New Location – 18970 E. Old Sycamore Road, Mayor, AZ  86331



Southwest Martial Arts Camp is a 3-day training experience designed for the entire family in mind. Join us in welcoming Arizona’s fall season in the cool high desert air of Mayer, Arizona on the campgrounds of beautiful Chauncey Ranch Camp, equipped with cabins, breakfast, lunch, and dinner! This 5,000 acre horse and cattle ranch is nestled in a breathtaking remote site.  Take your training to a new level with traditional martial arts taught by Master Instructors, weapons classes, ground fighting, yoga, taiko drumming, Korean calligraphy, boxing, sparring, XMA, and more! Class options change every year. There is something for everyone and even non-ATA friends & family will enjoy this camp.



Fri. September 30th – Sun. October 2nd, 2022


Chaning the world one black belt at a time
Chaning the world one black belt at a time
Chaning the world one black belt at a time
Chaning the world one black belt at a time
Chaning the world one black belt at a time
Chaning the world one black belt at a time
Chaning the world one black belt at a time
Chaning the world one black belt at a time
Chaning the world one black belt at a time
Chaning the world one black belt at a time
Chaning the world one black belt at a time
Chaning the world one black belt at a time
Chaning the world one black belt at a time
Chaning the world one black belt at a time
Chaning the world one black belt at a time
Chaning the world one black belt at a time
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Camp Pricing

Register by 8/31/2022 for $179 (deposit required $40 per person)
Register after 9/1/2021 for $199 (pay-in-full only after this date)

Non-participant parents/guardians are $179 per person

3rd & up family participants are$149 per person

Van Transportation is $50 Round-Trip per person, or $25 one-way. Or carpool free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When & where do the vans depart from?

A: We will have 1 transportation option for 2022: An East Valley van will depart from Chandler ATA 610 N. Alma School Road #32, Chandler. Please arrive 20 minutes before your departure time of 1:30pm.


Q: What is the cancellation and refund poilicy?

A: Our region is required to pre-pay the campgrounds for all of our prospective campers ahead of time. Because of this, camp deposits are not refundable at any time. Within the 1-month time frame before camp (after Sept. 2nd) there will be no refunds available for any other money you may have paid toward your balance. This money is; however, transferable to another student, or can be put toward our next camp in 2023. If for some reason you are unable to make it to camp, you need to call the Lee’s main office (480) 831-1111 and let us know directly so that we are not worried when you do not show up.

Q: How old does a child need to be to attend camp without a parent/guardian

A: 9 years old, or at the parent & instructor’s agreed upon discretion.

Q: If my family is going can we stay in a cabin together?

A: Yes! Families that kick together, stick together! The campgrounds have both cabins that sleep 12 people, so for families that would like to ‘bunk’ together, this can be arranged; however, it is first come first serve basis. In the case that we space requires families to be slit between 2 cabins, we would then house you by age/gender (girls with girls, boys with boys, adults with adults, etc). There is a section on the registration form that you can leave your request on for us to see when it comes time to make cabin arrangements. This is done within the week of camp.   Cabins are assigned based on the date of registering online.   

Q: What should I pack?

A: A little bit of everything. Click HERE for a suggested packing list.

Q: My child has food restrictions, are there accomodiations?

A: Chauncey Ranch Camp kitchen offers gluten-free and vegetarian options at every meal, and you are welcome to bring any food/snacks you’d like to keep on hand. We usually receive the menu from the cooks within the week of camp and will email it out to you. Want to see a sample menu from a prior year? Click Here.

Q: My child has medication they need to take, what should I do?

A: There will be medical staff available in case of emergencies or for medication supervision. Our medic will have a list of all medications needing to be administered to campers, reactions, disabilities or restrictions, as well as any other notes you have left us on your registration form. He does also have access to a refrigerator for any medication that needs to be kept cold.

Q: What is supervision like at camp?

A: When all campers arrive, we will have grouped them into squads. Each squad has a squad leader. There are also instructors teaching each class/session and Chauncey Ranch staff on-site as well overseeing operations. Each dorm also has an assigned leader that does dorm checks.

Q: What are the dorms like?

A: Cabins are buildings with 12 beds in the large room that also have cubbies and areas to store personal belongings. If families are attending and they know other families that they would like to share a cabin with, please specify this as soon as possible via email to   If participant is not with their family then all males will be in a cabin and all females will be in another cabin divided by age groups. There are private stall showers and ample hot water.  Families with small children will be placed in a separate “family” cabin with parents and their children.   Cabins are assigned within the week of camp, so if you have a preference for bunkmates, please list it on your registration.



Head north on I-17 N    Then   Take exit 268 toward Dugas Rd and turn left.
After 3.6 mi Turn right onto AZ Hunt Clb Rd  then continue Continue straight
for 0.3 mi   and you will see Chauncey Ranch Camp
18970 E Old Sycamore Rd, Mayer, AZ 86333

Visit Chauncey Ranch website- click here.


Q: Where do I pick my classes out?

A:   You will receive a survey about what types of classes you would like to participate in during camp; however, you will actually pick your classes when you arrive at camp. We will email out an agenda 3 weeks prior to camp (typically is sent on Monday or Tuesday that week) to the email address provided in your registration. This way you can make somewhat of an outline for packing purposes. Most children, though, will want to take whatever classes their friends are taking when they get there and end up changing their minds frequently over the course of the weekend, so there is no need to notify us of your class choices. Want to see a sample of classes from a prior year? Click Here.


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