We haDroeged an outstanding turnout at Protech Training this past weekend, May 14th!

Cheif Master Droege said that it was one of the best he’s seen in the entire United States! Way to go Region 118!

We will be hosting another weekend like this in November and again in May 2017, in which Cheif Master will be present as well.






To:  ATA School Licensees
From:  Sr. Master Betsy Stevens
Re:  New Point Correction rule for all competitors.

The new rule states that all point correction inquires MUST be made in writing to tournaments@ataonline.com within 30 days of the tournament being posted to ATAonline.com.  Requests made after 30-days of a tournament being posted are no longer considered.  The complete verbiage of the rule may be found in highlighted text under the CHAMPION PROGRAMS section at www.ATArules.com.  It is copied below for your convenience.

STATE AND TOC POINT CORRECTIONS: Tournament points are normally updated twice a week during the tournament season. It is the responsibility of the competitor and/or the competitor’s instructor to check his/her points on a regular basis. Any point corrections or inquiries must be made in writing to mailto:tournaments@ataonline.com within 30 days of the tournament being posting to ATAonline.com. Requests not made via email will no longer be accepted. This “paper trail” is essential in making sure all competitor concerns are fairly and timely addressed. After 30 days of a tournament being posted, no additional correction requests can be made. It may take longer than 30 days to resolve any requests. For tournaments held in April of the tournament season, the competitor will have until May10th to contact in writing the tournament department to request point corrections.

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