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Karate Kid The Karate Kid program is designed for children ages 7 to 12.

Karate can be a lifelong endeavor that makes a huge contribution to your overall well-being. The actual physical moves (blocks, strikes, kick) apply directly to self-defense, and your karate kid will also experience safety lessons designed to prevent abduction and molestation and help children manage the schoolyard bully.

Children develop confidence when they work in a structured classroom. This structure allows them to anticipate what will happen; they say to themselves, “I know what to do!  I know what to say,” therefore, their level of participation rises. As they participate more, they develop more confidence, and participate even more, creating an upward spiral toward success!

Your child’s academic performance will improve because of better focus and concentration. Focus begins with getting still, and one of the first lessons in Karate for Kids is standing still or “standing like a black belt.” Your child will learn to “listen with the eyes AND the ears.” From this simple beginning, we very slowly increase demands on concentration until you are proudly watching your karate kid earn a black belt after a few short years of training. This ability to focus, concentrate, and persevere directly transfers to schoolwork and many other areas of life.

With most children’s activities, the learning stops when the activity ends. Our goal is to teach children how to take the life skills we teach and put them to use in their lives at home and in school. Our “patch & star” reward program will help you reinforce our lessons at home and at school. Because our program is karate-based, we are proud to help children learn the values of discipline, courtesy, respect, and self-control. Using our weekly progress reports, you can continue the lessons at home in a fun and exciting way. Each time your karate kid turns in a positive homework sheet, we reward him/her in front of the entire class, helping reinforce good behavior!

We also understand that sometimes our children have trouble displaying these values. So if your child needs a little extra parental support, we’re here to work side-by-side with you, to make sure your child is right on track!

A byproduct of training in Martial Arts is better coordination because Taekwondo challenges the entire body, developing balance, agility, and poise, qualities that are often neglected in many team sports available to this age group. Karate for Kids also uses karate-based exercises such as blocking, striking, and kicking in a fun, structured setting to teach a positive attitude toward exercise.